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Since February I am back in Bali, the decision to come here was a natural step for me, because I felt that I was not yet satisfied with all that Bali had to offer. And now I realize that this condition is going on, it's just love for this island of gods that has so many forms.


It's not always just a fairy tale with a tropical and water backdrop. But the ocean songs are still playing, the earth is shaking and the colors are still as intense, and they will never cease to amuse me, and not the color intensity in my paintings. I enjoy a creative stay and I would love it if it never ends, but in a while I will be back in the Czech Republic.    


I continue my concept of paintings, I thought there were plenty of flowers, but the flowers are never enough. This year I'm not in ISI Denpasar anymore, so I paint even more. I paint in three series. In the first one, I work with the cross symbol, as a sign where we record a place to reach the destination, and everyone has it, as well as the way it goes. Perhaps the pirates will indicate where they have the treasure. And I believe that we have treasures in us, I painted this pirate enthusiasm.

 In the second mini series I deal with flowers, but I abstract the female portrait, and I imagine women's minds as blooming gardens. The mind is such a garden and it is up to us what we fertilize or spend it ... paradoxically, from the quality fertilizer, grow the most beautiful flowers. But the seeds are important, whether weed seeds or beautiful flowers. : D I painted the heads blue, blue is the symbol of water and life for me and we also need to water the flowers ... Don't look deeper in it.


The third series deals with the layering and hiding of stories in depth, I want to capture the essence of smell and movement and harmony, I continue in the series of Tropical Mind.


You can see the pictures so far here. I paint almost like a DJ this year. I work on multiple images at once and then focus only on one, specific. I choose them as boards for a great set and thanks to the layers I share the story of my paintings, which will not get tired of playing over and over again.