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The exhibition at Čin Čin Gallery will present the work of two Czech authors - painter Hana Mikulenková and jeweler Radka Kovačiková. Both naturally form art, they are connected and filled with the joy of the process of creation. The combination of two different substances and two different approaches is not conceptually contrived. The authors are connected because of their approach to creation itself, regardless of art media. Joy, layering, perception of time, processuality, admiration for the growth of jungle or pea in a flowerpot behind the window, openness to the all incoming things with a clear horizon. Both of them accept the past and celebrate the presence. Now. creative process is important as the artwork itself. They let the time flow. The presence is layered and fixed into their artworks. "Now" means openness to them. Openness to new impulses, curiosity and passion. ("Lust for life").


The celebration of everyday life, nature, and flow became one of the supporting elements of the authors statement in collection with the subtitle "Ó".It is based on interconnection of "real life" with the time spent in "studio vacuum". The jewel is the result of author´s other activities and captures the moment of the present or experienced moment. Just as the thoughts and feelings are written in the diary, they also appear in the process of making, due to application to the used materials. Each piece has its date of birth. The test paper used during illustration, the scrawled movie ticket, gift wrappers, or the underlying studies of the emerging projects all serve to create a new jewel. Simply, unpretendously, repeatedly. With lightness and joy, indifference to any conceptual, aesthetic or numerical obligation. Recycling collected materials creates objects - open spaces - jewelry, into which each of its potential wearers can insert what they want. The heart became the motive that Kováčiková was working on. Such a profaned shape blossomed in her hands, as she says. Fascinated by the irreversibility of processes and moments, with every passing day, she consciously continues to fold her jewels further ...


Inspiration mainly for the latest paintings Mikulenková founds on her path to Southeast Asia.vHer artworks is inspired by personal experiences that are often associated with her travel. The passion for learning new and curiosity is reflected in her work. She experiments with painting material. In the new series, she uses sprays again. Her paintings are full of optimism and layered memories, and the author, with lightness and strife, captures the perception of new perceptions. She focused on the landscape mainly from the jungle, abstracts the landscape, but she admits the floral motif more concretely than ever before. She fixes memories and the essence of places in her artwork. She overlays the landscapes with layers that are not noticeable, the image is hiding them, as well as the jungle is hiding countless stories, plants and animals. The author is fascinated by the medium of painting. For her painting means a way to express what she can not say in words. Someone has faith, Mikulenková has a painting. Everyday life sometimes flows past the window of her studio, of her own.

Have a look to Photo report of installation.